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Christmas Icecream Slice

Serves 6-8
Sep 25, 2018
4 (35)
  • • berries and cherries, to garnish
  • • 2 litres vanilla icecream, slightly melted
  • • 1 store bought rich dark fruit cake
  • • brandy, to drizzle (optional)
Line a loaf tin with plastic wrap. Layer a thin slice of cake on the base and the sides. Drizzle with a little brandy. Spoon in half the icecream and press down. Layer another layer of cake & drizzle with brandy and top with icecream. Finish with a layer of fruit cake and wrap and place in the freezer overnight. Remove from the tin and arrange on a serving plate. Garnish with fresh berries and cherries and enjoy a simple quick, easy and elegant Xmas dessert.